With all the new ways to scam people popping up, protecting your identity (offline and online) is becoming more and more important.  This page will provide you with some tips and links to various resources on how to protect your identity and what to if it is stolen.

Here are some tips for reducing your chances of card fraud:



  • Shred all personal & financial information - such as bills, statements (bank/credit union and credit card), ATM receipts - before you throw it away.

  • Keep your personal documentation (i.e. Social Security card) and your bank/credit union records in a secure place.

  • Call the post office IMMEDIATELY if you are not receiving mail - a thief can forge your signature and have your mail forwarded.

  • Be aware of your surroundings when entering your PIN at an ATM.

  • Limit the number of credit cards & personal information that you carry in your wallet/purse.

  • Report lost/stolen cards IMMEDIATELY.

  • Review & consider whether you need currently inactive cards.  Even when not being used, these cards show on your credit report, which a thief could gain access to.  If you have applied for a card and have not recieved the card in a timely manner, IMMEDIATELY notify the appropriate financial institution.

  • Closely monitor the expiration dates on your cards - contact the credit issuer if the replacement card is not received prior to the card's expiration date.  For DEFCU debit cards, your replacement card is sent out the same month as the card expires.  If you do not get your replacement card in the mail by the end of that month, contact us RIGHT AWAY!

  • Sign all new cards upon receipt.

  • Review your credit reports annually.  You can go to to receive your free credit reports.

  • Use unique passwords on your cards, bank/credit union accounts, and phone cards.  Avoid using obvious passwords such as date of birth, phone number, or mother's maiden name.

  • Match your receipts to your monthly bills to make sure that you do not have or have no unauthorized transactions.



  • Volunteer any personal information when you use your card.

  • Give your Social Security number, card number, or bank/credit union account numbers over the phone unless you have initiated the call and know that the business that you are dealing with is reputable.

  • Leave receipts at ATMs, bank/credit union counters, or unattended gas pumps.

  • Leave envelopes containing your card payments or checks in your home mailbox for postal carrier pickup.

  • Record your Social Security number, passwords, or PIN numbers on a piece of paper to keep in your wallet/purse.

  • Give your Social Security number, card number, or other personal financial information data on any web site or online service, unless you receive a secured authentication key from your provider.

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